Saturday, December 18, 2010

December Holidays & Updates

Hi Internets and all of our friends herein! We're still here, just buried a bit, helping many of you with your holiday ad campaigns, including email ads and promotional banners.

Wanted to take a moment to say what a fun and exciting year it has been! We've met so many new people with amazing businesses, from car dealers to chemists to crafters. And we feel so, so blessed to be a small part of your creativity, business-savvy, and hopefully your growth toward amazing abundance and freedom that come with a successful online business.

Each of us, myself and Gregory, has grown considerably over the past year, thanks to working with you. Whenever one of our clients comes to us with a, "can you do __?" we love the challenge, and relish learning new things and finding newer and better ways to help YOU be more successful. New for this year, we've added lots of social networking services, including Twitter backgrounds, Facebook badges and FanBook pages, .mobi websites designed to be used with cell phones and other mobile devices, and more. We're making sites bigger and more graphically bold than ever, taking our "standard" site from 800pixels width to 960pixels width, to adjust for the large number of online shoppers who now have larger, high-res or wide screen monitors. We're keeping up with the latest in web standards and practices, adjusting to the newest versions of web browsers and W3C industry standards, and keeping abreast of the ever-changing search engine optimization game to make sure that YOU stand out in the crowd when it comes to web stores online. The options have never been better!!

Sounds like a lot, doesn't it? It is! We've been quite busy - all working toward making our services MORE comprehensive and more valuable.

But we didn't raise our prices. ;)

There are 2 things about JennarationX Designs that make me really proud, and that I think make us different from other web designers out there: (1) we really care. We do... we care about the quality of work that we put out there. While many of our competitors are outsourcing design work to cheap labor in India, or putting up outmoded code that couldn't pass a validation test, we still design every single site from scratch, paying attention to each and every pixel, and we still hand-code every page, making sure the back-end is as tidy and lovely as the front-end - even if no one's going to see it (except the web crawlers, which DO care). And (2), we are online sellers, too! We've had our own eCommerce website for about 8 years now, selling on multiple channels such as eBay and Amazon, in addition to our own web store. I think this gives us the supreme advantage of being out there on the front lines, right alongside YOU. We know first-hand what it takes to succeed, what kinds of problems you're facing, what kinds of questions you have, and most importantly, what kind of help and support you need. I just think about what kind of help and support I need! And while I can't (yet) clone myself or afford a personal assistant, I certainly do have a good idea of what I'd like someone to be able to do for me, to help my business move to the next level - and every day, I try to be that someone for our clients.

I'm sure we'll all be extremely busy from now through the New Year, not only with taking care of our customers but also with our own families and holiday plans. I hope your holidays will be warm and full of good health, great fun, and intensive celebration for a job well-done all year - you deserve it! And, once again, THANK YOU - from the bottom of our hearts - for letting me and Gregory be some very small part of it. We are truly honored to know each and every one of you.